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BGN Holdings.

Storytelling comes first.

We are focused on continuing the production of feature films, and is open to collaboration with other filmmakers.

The Business of Going Viral

We have successfully reached millions of viewers through our campaigns and work with organizations of all sizes to create content that is remembered.

Increasing Awareness

Call BGN Holdings for a quote for your next project. Our team specializes in highly valued content that can promote any business…

The History of BGN Holdings

BGN holdings were formed in 2014 with the aim of telling our own stories and delivering high-quality service to our clients. Since its inception, a number of productions have been completed which is a big win for the company and also shows signs of accountability and unity.

BGN started off filming corporate events and weddings, then gradually grew into producing documentaries, functionality videos, music videos, and short films. BGN partnered with Afta-Robot to produce a functionality video for the app that was presented to Qualcomm in the United States of America. BGN prides itself on the journey it took to this point and continues to add value to the industry and make a difference.

We have filmed reality shows for Moja love channel from 2019 – 2021. BGN holdings is a beneficiary of the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) program to empower black filmmakers. During our journey in this industry, we have formed collaborations and networks with fellow film makers and unlocked sponsorships from big corporates who bought into our ideology of story telling.

BGN holdings is founded by our Director and Producer Kopedi Aphane, who studied film making from Big Fish school of digital media and also studied Project management from Boston Business College.

Our vision & mission

Our vision is to grow in stature and collaborate with as many production houses as possible in delivering high quality products.

It is our mission to become a service provider of choice including the commercial space.

Our clients


Our objective is to give opportunity to aspiring film makers and empowering them with each project we take on. We want to change people’s lives and impact their careers in a positive way.

With each sponsorship and funding we unlock, it goes a long way in changing lives of people who benefit with each project we complete and partake in. Your continuous support and contributions are noted with great appreciation.

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